Healthy Policy/Change

For December and January you are tasked with implementing a healthy policy or change at your school. You can implement a change in each individual classroom or make a school wide change. 


Healthy Policy/Change Ideas:

Classroom Based
  • Cooking demo for healthy & fun snack options 
                - Ask your cafeteria staff if they would be able to provide ingredients for you to do a healthy snack demo
                - Be aware of any food allergies in the classroom
                - Look for recipes here
  • Weekly fun physical activities that rotate
                 - Take 15 minutes once every two weeks where you learn a new physical activity as a class
                 - Try different activities such as yoga, karate, or new dances from around the world
  • Healthy birthday celebrations 
                  - Encourage parents to bring in healthy birthday treats for their children (instead of baked goods)
                  - Ideas could be smoothies, fruit trays, or make your own granola
Entire School
  • Create a School/Community garden program
                   - Look for organizations that offer grants for schools to build gardens
                   - Possible grant organizations: 
                           º Whole Kids Foundation
                           º GardenABCs
                           º Annie's Grants for Gardens
  • Get healthy options in the vending machines to replace unhealthy snacks/beverages
                   - Look for organizations that offer grants for healthy vending
                   - Possible grant organizations: 
                           º Fresh Healthy Vending
                           º H.U.M.A.N.
  • Plan a school-wide interactive Health/Wellness fair
                   - Invite each classroom in the school to present their own snack/activity to be presented
                   - Invite outside organizations that provide health and wellness resources
                   - Host the health/wellness fair after school hours for families and community members to attend
  • Have a different classroom decorate the cafeteria with healthy foods and nutrition tips each month, or with physical activities in the gym
                   - Assign each classroom (or grade) a month
                   - Have each classroom choose a healthy theme for their month and decorate a room in the school around theme
                   - Ideas: fruit/vegetable theme, sports theme, zero sugary drinks, or other health/wellness topic
  • Chose only healthy fundraisers
                   - Sell smoothies or yogurt parfaits instead of candy or cookies
                   - Participate in plant or gift wrapping fundraisers (instead of popcorn or candy)

Complete the Healthy Policy Tracker and send it back by February 4th, 2019.

Mail: Independent Health Foundation
         511 Farber Lakes Drive
Buffalo, NY 14221