2019-2020 Fitness for Kids/Play 60 Challenge

Health and Wellness Grant Winners

Thank you for all of your hard work, and flexibility as we navigated a very difficult end of the school year. We appreciate all of your feedback as well as your willingness to adjust and adapt to the changing times.

Due to the nature of this past academic school year, we have restructured the guidelines for grant recipients to allow more opportunity for schools to receive a grant funding. We have awarded the top 5 small and top 5 large schools (participation calculated through March 2020) $1,000 helath and wellness grants. Instead of the 40 classroom grants, we have awarded schools (with 2+ classrooms) above 60% participation $600, schools above 70% participation $700 and schools above 80% $800 (outside of the top schools).



School Name % of Student Participation
Iroquois Central School- Marilla Primary School 99%
South Buffalo Charter School 98%
Frontier CSD- Cloverbank Elementary   96%
BPS 79 Pfc. William J. Grabiarz School of Excellence 92%
Eden Central School- Grover L. Priess Elementary 89.6%



School Name % of Student Participation
BPS 50- North Park Community School 100%
St. Mary's Swormville School 100%
Stanley G. Falk School- PS 99 Stanley Makowski School 100%
Wyoming Central School District 100%
BPS 32- Bennett Park Montessori 96.7%


SCHOOL GRANT WINNERS (participation > 60% through March 2020)

School Name % of Student Participation
Buffalo Public School District- PS 197 Math Science Technology Preparatory School 83.3%
Orchard Park Central School District- Windom Elementary 83.3%
Niagara Falls CSD- Harry F Abate Elementary School 83.3%
Panama Central School 81.9%
Lancaster CSD-Como Park Elementary 81%
Hamburg Central School District- Union Pleasant Elementary 75%
Lancaster CSD-Hillview Elementary 73.4%
BPS 31 Harriet Ross Tubman School 71%
BPS 64 Frederick Law Olmsted 66.3%
KTUFSD- Holmes Elementary School 66%
Niagara-Wheatfield CSD- Colonial Village Elementary 65.9%
BPS 45- International School 63.2%
BPS 67 Discovery School 61.6%
Iroquois Central School- Wales Primary School 60%


*Rankings are based on student participation throughout the year on each challenge through March 2020.

**Program enrollment of more than 225 students is considered a large school; program enrollment of 225 students or less is considered a small school.