Congratulations on your awesome participation in the Fitness for Kids and Play 60 Challenge!

We truly appreciate your support and dedication to educating your students to lead healthy lifestyles. For your spectactular participation this academic year, your school/classroom has been awarded a health and wellness grant!  

Please fill out the information below (including a W-9 for your school) in order for us to cut your grant check. You can click here for a blank W-9 form.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to Kelsey Kurtz with any questions and/or concerns at [email protected] or 716-462-3318. 

*Please note if you are a Buffalo Public School: Please make sure your W-9 indicates your specific school, not the Board of Education to ensure the check can be deposited by your school secretary. Thank you!*

* Please note that checks can take up to four weeks to be cut and mailed to your school.*